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“Lemon n Lime Sours” by @emiliasiscomusic with @colddiamondandmink streaming everywhere today! 7” vinyl (standard black vinyl and transparent green vinyl) available for pre-order and streaming everywhere now!

Emilia Sisco’s latest 7” vinyl single is a testament to the timeless allure of vintage soul music. Backed by the esteemed Timmion Records house band Cold Diamond & Mink, Sisco delivers a stellar double-sider that captivates you from start to finish.

On the A-side’s “Lemon Lime Sour” Sisco’s spirited vocals soar over infectious crossover soul terrain, creating an irresistible groove that celebrates the bittersweet feeling of falling in love. The track’s joyful energy invites audiences for a dance along its uplifting message.

Flipping the record reveals the B-side, “Love Can Carry Me,” a soul-stirring beat ballad that showcases Sisco’s growth both as a songwriter and a vocalist. The song’s emotive lyrics and dark melodies create an intimate atmosphere, drawing listeners into its introspective narrative of resilience and hope.

During these tumultuous times, the two tracks encapsulate what funky, emotion-driven music made by real humans is all about, blending Sisco’s undeniable vocal talent with Cold Diamond & Mink’s impeccable musical craftsmanship. With its universal themes and timeless appeal, the new single is poised to resonate with soul music enthusiasts around the globe.

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