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Kai Kuusisto


Singstress Emilia Sisco performs retro soul and blues with a deep passion and voice and she has been acknowledged widely during the last few years especially in the local scene.


The Finnish Blues Awards chose her as the best newcomer of 2017, and her critically acclaimed debut album You Ain’t Heard was released one year after that. This has paved way for Emilia Sisco and her band to perform all over Europe.

Musically Emilia Sisco is about mixing together Afro-American jazz traditions, modern arrangements and retro soul. On her latest single “Don’t Believe You Like That” she collaborated with the famous Cold Diamond & Mink, and it was published by the distinguished Timmion Records.


Sisco is performing with various groups all over Finland and Europe. She has been a guest at Ruf Records Blues Caravan.
With countless feature and backing vocal experience, she has sang backing vocals and collaborated for international artists. She has also appeared and performed in Finnish movies 'Romanssi' (Romance), international Finnish film 'Ikitie' (The Eternal Road) and Finnish spy thriller series 'Nyrkki' (Shadow Lines) season 2.

                                       Band Members

                                   'The Northern Lights'

Tuomas Metsberg, guitar | Lasse Sirkko, bass | Thomas Rönnholm, drums | Antti Ikola, keyboards | Joose Kyyrö, saxophone | Jay Kortehisto, trombone | Unna Kortehisto, background vox | Fatima Kortesoja, background vox


Retrosoulia ja bluesia syvällä tunteella ja äänellä laulava Emilia Sisco on ehditty noteerata etenkin viime vuosina monella saralla.

Hänet valittiin Finnish Blues Awardseissa vuoden tulokkaaksi 2017, ja kehuttu debyyttilevy You Ain’t Heard ilmestyi vuotta myöhemmin. Tämä on vienyt Emilia Siscon bändeineen myös esiintymään ympäri Eurooppaa. 

Uusimmalla sinkullaan “Don’t Believe You Like That” yhteistyötä on tehty maineikkaan Cold Diamond & Minkin kanssa.

Timmion Recordsille levyttävää Emilia Siscoa on kutsuttu kotimaisen rytmimusiikkiskenen todelliseksi soul-timantiksi.


Helsinki, Finland


Blues, Jazz, R&B/Soul

Works with Labels:

Timmion Records

Official Website:



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