Captivating, luminous and convincing. These words have been used when describing Emilia Sisco. When Emilia sings, we're transported back in time to the Motown era.

Emilia Sisco is a jazz-soul-blues singer from Helsinki, Finland. In her music she combines American jazz traditions, as well as modern arrangements of soul-music.

Emilia's strong, personal vocal and tone strikes directly into the soul and makes you move. She creates a natural swing with her instinctive phrasing.
When Sisco forgets everything else and lets herself go, she shows the world of entertainment what girls are really made of.

The passion for singing for this self-taught singer came from her childhood home where music was always present.
Born in Finland 1991 with Zambian roots from her mothers side, the little girl started to interpret the songs she heard and found love towards jazz music. Through that, she got into different genres of roots music and performed for the first time in publicity at the age of 15.

Sisco is performing with various groups all over Finland and Europe. She has been a guest at Ruf Records Blues Caravan and was chosen as the 'Newcomer of the Year' 2017 at the Finnish Blues Awards.
With countless feature and backing vocal experience, she has sang backing vocals and collaborated for international artists. She has also appeared and performed in Finnish movies 'Romanssi' (Romance) and international Finnish film 'Ikitie' (The Eternal Road).

In the Spring of 2018 she released her debut album with Helge Tallqvist Band, 'You ain't Heard'. She is collaborating with Timmion Records, where she released a vinyl single "Don't Believe You Like That" on February 2019 .


Emilia Sisco on Suomen blues- ja soul-laulajien ehdotonta parhaimmistoa (Finnish Blues Awardsien vuoden 2017 tulokas -palkinnon voittaja). Sisco julkaisi esikoisalbuminsa vuonna 2018. Musiikissaan hän yhdistelee amerikkalaista jazz-perinnettä, moderneja sovituksia sekä soul-musiikkia.

Emilia Sisco on esiintynyt ympäri Eurooppaa. Hän äänitti uutuus singlensä ”Don't believe you like that” legendaarisella Timmion Records -levymerkillä.


Helsinki, Finland


Blues, Jazz, R&B/Soul

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Timmion Records

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