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“Let Me In” by Emilia Sisco with Cold Diamond & Mink streaming everywhere now!

7” vinyl is available for pre-order today! Street day August 16!

One of the prominent growing voices in Timmion Record’s roster, singer Emilia Sisco blesses your turntable with another deep soul ballad. Joining hands with Cold Diamond & Mink, Emilia pours a generous helping of deep soul magic into “Let Me In”, gliding over the southern-tinged beat with melodic grace.

It’s almost impossible to remain ambivalent to Emilia’s talent when the spine-tingling chorus with its clever twists rolls in. The bittersweet love song’s timeless feel pours over the listener like the flooding Mississippi, anthemic but understated. Flipping the single, we get to revisit Emilia’s previous single “Love Can Carry Me” but this time in instrumental mode, titled as ”Way Past Midnight”. It’s not just a vocal strip down, but this time Cold Diamond & Mink has equipped the track with a jazzy Grant Green styled lead guitar. Tasty.

You would have to be a cold-blooded robot not to feel something from this soulful double sider. Forget the dance floors and bedrooms for a minute, these songs are the best fertilizer for your personal mind garden.

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